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About Stuart Clark

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I’m an online marketing specialist and digital media producer located North of Portsmouth, near Petersfield in Hampshire. This site is designed to help you learn a little more about me, to exhibit my work and hobbies, and to share my thoughts (and rants) about multimedia, technology, and the world of marketing.


In my latest role I specialise in search engine optimisation. Prior to this I was an email marketing and deliverability support analyst for smartFOCUS Digital, now owned by Email Vision. Outside of work my interests include video production, and when I’m not optimising websites I’m often found editing movies for online and offline distribution. I have worked my through various internet related environments and I acquired a unique collection of skills.

Having a background in both technical and marketing sectors helps me determine not only what marketing activities are needed, but also if they are possible and how to achieve them. With content being the key to an effective online marketing campaign my interests in video production, graphic design are an added bonus.


I live near Portsmouth (Hampshire, UK) and work as an SEO Campaign Delivery Manager for Vertical Leap. I’m also sometimes known online as Stuseo (Stu + SEO).

My experience in digital media began in 1997. I soon developed an interest in multimedia authoring, including graphic design, digital video, website design and 3D animation. My professional life has always focused on the more technical aspects of online marketing, having both worked in support, email marketing and search engine marketing. My creative projects still continue – occasionally for work and regularly as a hobby, and you can watch many of my projects on this website.

I worked for a number of years at an independent internet service provider where I offered technical support and design services. Following this I joined the Email Reaction, who developed a software as a solution (SaaS) email marketing platform. Email Reaction were later taken over by smartFOCUS, and smartFOCUS by Email Vision.

I started at Email Reaction in a support role, however I soon began to specialise in email deliverability, analysing problems with campaign broadcasts that were preventing emails from reaching their intended destinations. It was also my responsibility to investigate and report bugs within the user interface.

In 2010 I joined Vertical Leap as a Campaign Delivery Manager for small businesses. In this role I specialised in improving the online performance of startups, small businesses and niche websites through ethical SEO, social networking and online marketing. In November 2011 I joined the full service SEO team, where I project manage larger campaigns.

In addition to my online marketing, I retain a strong interest in digital media production and spend most weekends as a video producer and editor. Whilst this initially started as a hobby, with content becoming the most important aspect of search marketing I do feel this ties in neatly with my professional activities.

I value any feedback or comments you would like to send me.